Scheduled Property

Scheduled Property Insurance

At HR Hudson Insurance Agency, we know that your personal belongings are an extension of you, and often, the things you hold onto the most are the items in which you have invested much time and money. The personal property policy on your homeowners insurance policy, will protect valuables up to a certain amount, but may not cover many of your most prized possessions.

Security for Your Most Special Possessions.

Scheduled personal property (SPP) insurance enhances your current homeowners’ or renters’ insurance, to include items of exceptional value such as jewelry, cameras, artwork, golf equipment, firearms, musical instruments, fine silverware, collectibles, and more. If one of your personal items is damaged or stolen due to a covered incident, your policy will pay for the expense of a repair or replacement.

The items you own are unique, which why HR Hudson Insurance Agency. LLC works with you to create a policy that fits your specific needs to ensure the security of your most personal belongings.

Fine Jewelry

Rare Art Work

Electronic, Camera and Audio Equipment